Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamond, Lupe, Examination, Magnifying Glass, 2004

Texas Woman Finds 3.27 Carat Yellow Diamond While Hiking At Arkansas State Park

Miranda Hollingshead had known about the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas for years, but just visited it for the first time this past weekend. Good thing she did. The Texas woman searched for the park for about an hour, when she happened upon an incredible find, a 3.72 carat yellow diamond...
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A 552-Carat Diamond Was Discovered In Canada, Making It The Largest Diamond Found In North America

The largest diamond ever found in North America was recently discovered in Canada. The diamond, which was unearthed in October, is a 522-carat yellow diamond. With its size, and spectacular color, this record breaking diamond brings the term “bling” to a whole new level.
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