World Record

Rubik's Cube Competition

How Speedcubers Solve A Rubik’s Cube In Less Than 5 Seconds

Speedcuber Feliks Zemdegs set a new record for solving a Rubik's Cube last month.
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Photo Credit: Dreamstime

A 612-Pound Bluefin Tuna Just Sold For A World Record Amount

That's a lot of sushi.
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Small Town Will Attempt To Make The Worlds Largest S’more

The town of Middlesex, Vermont will celebrate the winter solstice with a giant S’more.
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Pink, Diamond, Portfolio, Huge

"Pink Legacy" Diamond Sells For Record-Breaking $50 Million At Auction

They're calling it the "Pink Legacy" diamond.
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Playing The Guitar

Over 400 Electric Guitars Play Together To Set A World Record

A new world record was set for the most electric guitars playing the same song at the same time.
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Shridhar Chillal, Longest Fingernails

Man With World's Longest Fingernails Cuts Them After 66 Years

In 1952, Shridhar Chillal was told off by a teacher for messing around with a friend in a class and accidentally breaking the teacher's nail. At the time, the teacher told Chillal he'd never understand what it means to take care of long fingernails, so Chillal took that as a challenge. He stopped...
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[VIDEO] E-Jump Fuji Breaks World Record Of Most Skips Over Single Jump Rope

This is so impressive!!
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Snoop Dogg, Concert, Dancing

Snoop Dogg Sets Guinness World Record With Largest Glass Of Gin And Juice

Snoop Dogg first released the track "Gin & Juice" with his 1994 debut album ​"Doggystyle."
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Rubik's Cube,Three,Juggling,Solve,Fastest,World Record,China,Video,12-Year-Old,Boy,100.3 Jack FM

[WATCH] 12-Year-Old Solves Three Rubik's Cubes While Juggling Them

A Chinese boy has set the world record, solving three Rubik's cubes in 5 minutes, 6 seconds, while juggling them.
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Group Preforming

800 Mariachis in South Texas May Have Set a World Record

800 Mariachis gather in Texas to break a world record.
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