World Cup

[VIDEO] Croatian Firefighters Leap Into Action, Seconds Before World Cup Semi-Final Ends

When you get a call, you have to answer!
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World Cup Fans

US World Cup Ratings Down 42 Percent Without American Team

The lack of a U.S. team caused a big viewership drop for World Cup telecasts.
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Cat screams Goal

Cat Is So Excited About The World Cup, Learns To Scream "Gooooooaaaaal"

We hate to say it, but most Americans aren't soccer fans.
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Vodka, Glass, Drink, Ice

Russian Man's First Taste Of Tito's Vodka: "Whoaa."

"Dallas Morning News" reporter Silvana Pagliuca is in Sochi covering the ongoing World Cup, and knew this was the perfect opportunity to introduce a little bit of the Lone Star State's flair to the former Soviet Union.
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Russia Is Running Out Of Beer Because Of World Cup Fans

So it turns out that Russia may not have been as prepared for the World Cup as they thought.
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Mexico, Soccer, Fans

Soccer Fans In Mexico Cause Artificial Earthquake Celebrating World Cup Goal

Mexico scored a huge victory over reigning World Cup Champion Germany Sunday, and even if you weren't watching the game, you most certainly felt it.
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Russian World Cup Workers Are Undergoing Smile Training

Ok, so we all know that Russia has a reputation for being a pretty serious place. So much so that it's been reported by the BBC that Russians don't smile as much as other Europeans.
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world cup

North America Wins Bid To Host The 2026 World Cup

Soccer fans all over the world are waiting with excitement for the 2018 World Cup in Moscow to start Thursday June 14, but FIFA has already been looking ahead to future tournaments including the 2026 World Cup.
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Dallas Among The 23 Potential Host Cities For FIFA World Cup 2026

As you may or may not know, all three North American countries, Canada, United States and Mexico, have placed their bid to host the FIFA World Cup in 2026. That being said, the countries have placed their hosts cities into the raffle. There are 23 cities that are bidding for the World Cup. Canada...
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