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Feel Like Quitting Your Job But Don't Want To Face The Boss? For $450, This Company Will Do It For You!

Making the decision to quit your job can sometimes be as stressful as the job itself.
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More Companies Offering Promotions Without Pay Raise

Getting a promotion at work should be a time to celebrate.
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Woman Wins $300,000 Playing Slots While On A Conference Call With Work

We know that most people on conference calls probably aren't paying 100% attention to the conference call.
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Bus Drivers Needed Before Start Of Academic School Year In North Texas

If you are looking for a job, then this might be the opportunity for you! Some North Texas school districts are short on bus drivers, knowing that we are roughly one month away from the start of a new academic year. Here are some school districts that need to be filled for bus driving: Mesquite...
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J.C. Penny, Kohl's Started Hiring For Back-To-School and Christmas

It's never too early to think about the rest of the year. Since we have 6 months of the year left, it's usually the busiest time of the year since Back-To-School and the holiday season drive traffic through department stores. On Wednesday, department giants J.C. Penny and Kohl's are hiring workers...
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Valet Driver Somehow Able To Park Porsche UNDER Another Car

A valet driver at a luxury Australian hotel was tasked with parking an equally luxurious Porsche...and let's just say he'll remember exactly where he left it.
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Amazon Warehouse Employees Pee In Bottles In Order To Save Time

A former Amazon warehouse employee once said there was a culture of fear that they would get into trouble "for taking too long away from the job."
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Man Levies $2 Million Lawsuit Against Former Supervisor For Repeatedly "Holding Him Down And Farting On Him"

David Hingst, levied a lawsuit against his former employer at Construction Engineering Australia, specifically his supervisor, who he accused of repeatedly abusing him through "malicious farting."
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Is DFW Ready For 'Nap Pods'?

Sleep deprivation is so common that New York is taking a creative step to thwart the problem.
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Local North Texas Resident Kayaks To Work Because Of High Water

This is one dedicated guy.
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