"I really liked that it had a bigger message, it educates people." - Angela On Holiday In The Wild

On this episode of JACKFLIX, Angela and Billy discuss new movie on Netflix, Holiday In The Wild.
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Family Finds Owl Living In Their Christmas Tree

Katie Newman and her family had just finished dinner when her 10 year old daughter was spooked by what she thought was an ornament.
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Amateur Video Catches Insane Tug Of War Between Honey Badger And Jackel Over A Python

It's no secret nature can be brutal and unforgiving.
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You Can Hang Out With Wolves For $10 At This Texas Sanctuary

If you've ever wanted to spend the day hanging out with wolves, then you need to visit this Texas sanctuary.
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Video Of Woman Swimming Next To Largest Great White Shark On Record Going Viral

This week a video of a woman casually swimming next to the largest great white shark on record has gone viral.
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Heartbreak At Dallas Zoo As Hope The Gorilla Passes Away

A long time resident of the Dallas Zoo has passed away this week.
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great white shark

Incredible Video Shows Huge Great White Shark Rattling Dive Cage With People In It

Most people go their entire lives with out ever having a close encounter with an apex predator.
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Watch: Pelican Walks Into Fish And Chips Diner And Confidently Gets In Line

A restaurant in New South Wales, Australia had an unexpected guest walk in their doors recently.
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Man Realizes "Bison Don't Like Me" After He's Gored, Three Months Later, So Is His Girlfriend

Ever get the feeling some animals just don't like you?
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Deer Running

Woman Pumping Gas Gets Kicked In The Head By Deer

A woman in Georgia went to go fill up her gas tank before work when a deer leaped over her head, kicking her in the process.
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