[PHOTOS] Virginia Street Sign Warns Drivers To Slow Down Or You Mom Will Get Called

I don't know about you, but I'm scared of my mom!
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Lottery, Ticket, Pencil, Close Up

Virginia Woman Wins The Lottery Thirty Times In One Day

A Virginia woman has walked away with a total of $150,000 after striking it lucky with some Pick-4 tickets.
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Amazon Has Reportedly Picked Crystal City, An Area South Of Washington D.C. For It's New Headquarters Location

Disappointing news for Texas, as reports state Amazon Inc. is in “advanced talks” to open their second headquarters just outside the Washington D.C. area. Amazon is based out of Seattle, but last year the retail giant announced they would be opening a second headquarters in a new city.
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trick or treat

Town In Virginia Will Arrest Anyone Over 12 Years Old Caught Trick Or Treating

This year a town in Virginia is getting pretty strict on those planning on trick or treating come All Hallow's Eve.
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Kids Trick or Treating

This Town Will Fine Kids Over The Age Of 12 For Trick-Or-Treating

This town is cracking down on kids Trick-Or-Treating over the age of 12.
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Virginia Is Proposing A Porn-Watching Fee

The state of Virginia has a bill on its hands that will keep their citizens from accessing adult sites for free whether on their computers, phones or tablets.
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VIRAL VIDEO: Man SLIDES Off To Work In Freezing Temperatures!

Ok, we all know mornings can be rough. Even more rough when you add freezing degree weather.
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