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Dog On The Street

Two Dogs Stopped Traffic On A 6 Lane Highway In Phoenix

A video of an extensive and crazy dog chase in Phoenix, Arizona has turned viral on the web.
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Wocket In My Pocket By Dr Seuss

Rapper Covers Migos "Walk It Like I Talk It" With Dr. Seuss' "Wocket In My Pocket"

Who knew the Migos could be so kid friendly? Ok, not their actual lyrics. For the most part those are not safe for work, however, when you replace them with the words of Dr. Suess, it's a game changer.
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Deadpool Plays Every Character in Infinity War

Watch Deadpool Play Every Character In The Infinity War Trailer

The new Avengers trailer brought 52 million views when it came out last week. So, Deadpool felt the need to get involved.
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Katy Perry Stuffs Her Face With Chicken Nuggets

Katy Perry Stuffs Her Face With Chicken Nuggets For Japanese TV Show

Katy Perry is currently In Japan for her Witness Tour. While there, she's making the press rounds, including some of that crazy Japanese TV we all know and love.
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Kid Crawls Under Bathroom Stall

When An Unattended Kid Decides To Crawl Under The Bathroom Stall At Chick-Fil-A

For parents, it never fails...there is always a kid lurking around the bathroom door while you do your business. Some days, they just stick their fingers under the door, other days, you forget to lock the door and they just walk on in.
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Kid Can Blow Birthday Candle With Soccer Ball

Kid Can Blow Out His Birthday Candle With A Soccer Ball

We'll be the first to admit it...we love Dude Perfect. However, they've got nothing on this kid.
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Watch 'Chewpaca' The Alpaca Chase Twenty-Something Around Back Yard

It just might be the weirdest (but coolest) thing you see all day!
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This Dog Trying To Weigh Itself On A Scale Is Everything

We feel like this sometimes...
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Viral Video of Students in Puerto Rico Celebrating Power Return After 112 Days

It's been four months since Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico leaving most of the island in the dark.
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VIRAL VIDEO: Man SLIDES Off To Work In Freezing Temperatures!

Ok, we all know mornings can be rough. Even more rough when you add freezing degree weather.
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