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Boxer Dog

Dog Goes Crazy With A Cheese Whiz Can While Its Owners Are Out And Has The Internet Laughing

You think your dog is bad??
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Road Rage

Two Men Started Fighting On I-35, Caused A Back Up

Two men broke out in a road rage fight along I-35 in the middle of morning traffic.
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Ice Cream Truck

Little Girl Is Really, Really Sad About Missing The Ice Cream Truck

As a kid, you can hear the ice cream truck from a mile away.
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Check Out This Extreme Close Up Video Of A Guy Trolling Mosquitoes Through A Screen

Mosquitoes are the worst! Those little pesky biters are impossible to avoid.
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The Perfect Burger

Granny Makes The Perfect Burger Using Nothing But Awesome Trick Shots

How hard is it to make a burger? Throw some meat on the grill and you're done right? WRONG!
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8 year old boy helps eldery lady

8 Year Old Boy Goes Viral After Helping Elderly Lady Up The Stairs

This is proof it is never too early to start teaching your kids about kindness and compassion. 8 year old Maurice Adams from Georgia has gone viral online after he was caught on camera helping an older woman and her walker go up the stairs. Story goes he was driving around with his mom when he told...
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Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke's Career Goals Are To Recreate Stock Footage

Without a doubt, Emilia Clarke's career has come a long way since she first starred on TV Show Game of Thrones . She's now starring on movies most notibly Terminator, Me Before You , and most recently starring in the new Hans Solo: A Star Wars Story movie! However, Emilia firmly believes her best...
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Marriage Proposal Goes Viral

Marriage Proposal Goes Viral When Kid Decides To Pee In The Background

Marriage proposals are meant to be one of the most memorable moments of your life. And it is usually due to the creative ways of proposing and the level of romance!
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Drunk Girl

Extremely Drunk Girl Tries To Order A Round Of Drinks At The DJ Booth

Drunk people are the best! Assuming they don't get into cars or hurt themselves and / or other people.
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Dog On The Street

Two Dogs Stopped Traffic On A 6 Lane Highway In Phoenix

A video of an extensive and crazy dog chase in Phoenix, Arizona has turned viral on the web.
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