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Fan Who Went Viral Reacting To Wedding Proposal At Mavs Game Now Invited To Wedding

There’s nothing like a sporting event wedding proposal. It is most guys dream and a nightmare for most women, but in the end it usually brings the crowd to a standing ovation, and makes for a great proposal experience.
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guy singing

Viral Video: The 80s Rendition Of Post Malone's "Better Now" Is Everything

Are you a fan of Post Malone?
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kid sleeping

Texas Dad Goes Viral After Catapulting His Kid Awake

Waking up for school is hard. And for one Texas dad, he's not gonna take it anymore.
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friendly lion

VIDEO: Friendliest Lion Ever Surprises Tourists During Their Visit To A Safari Park By Climbing Onto Their Cart!

Well, here is something you don't see every day!
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Little girl crying

Meet The Little Girl Who "Can't Stop Thinking About Waffles!"

Have you ever been so obsessed with a type of food you'd be willing to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
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biggest wave ever surfed

The Biggest Wave In The World Ever Surfed

There's now a new world record and the video has it turned viral in just a couple of days.
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Bison, Grass

Oregon Man Arrested For Taunting Bison Blocking Traffic

Fair warning to everyone planning on visiting Oregon in the near not taunt their bison.
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baby birds

Baby Birds Lip-Syncing To Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" Is The Greatest Thing You'll See All Day

The internet is a very weird and very wonderful place.
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Boxer Dog

Dog Goes Crazy With A Cheese Whiz Can While Its Owners Are Out And Has The Internet Laughing

You think your dog is bad??
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Road Rage

Two Men Started Fighting On I-35, Caused A Back Up

Two men broke out in a road rage fight along I-35 in the middle of morning traffic.
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