Taco Bell Has Officially Joined The Fast Food Chicken Wars With New Menu Item

The internet is full of debate, but one question has stumped both sides of the argument for years; is a taco a sandwich? Taco Bell may have officially given us the answer, as the fast food chain has decided to hop into the fast food chicken wars.
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Woman Turns Tree Stump Into Charming Little Free Library

For some people having a tree stump can be a pesky problem.
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The Grinch

Mom Scares Her Own Children With A Surprise Visit From The Grinch In Viral Video

A video has gone viral of kids screaming and running away from someone dressed as the Grinch.
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Adorable Rescue Squirrel Goes Viral For Refusing To Sleep Without Teddy Bear

Adorable animal photos are pretty much what the internet is all about, but this one may be the greatest yet. A 7-year-old squirrel named Jill has gone viral for refusing to sleep without its teddy bear.
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Man Pulls Off Epic Air Pod Prank Using Stickers To Trick People

Air Pods are an incredible invention, but the one down side of the wireless headphones are they are easily misplaced. Plenty of people who own a pair of the Apple head phones have lost track of the small earbuds at least once since getting them.
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Former McDonald’s Employee Claims To Have Given Out Free Chicken Nuggets For Years

Everyone loves a good surprise, especially when it involves something free. Even if it’s something as simple as getting 11 chicken nuggets when you ordered 10, people get excited.
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New Formula Reveals Your Dogs Actual Age In “Dog Years”

For years many dog owners have figured out their dog’s age in “dog years” by multiplying the years by seven. While many assume this is the best way to judge a dog’s aging, the seven year methodology is actually a myth.
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All Three ‘Jeopardy’ Contestants Fail To Answer Extremely Easy Question About Tom Hanks

Just about everyone in the world knows who Tom Hanks is, as the actor has become one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. That’s why when Hanks was the answer to a recent ‘Jeopardy’ question; fans assumed it would be an easy one for the contestants.
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Man Makes Sign Asking For Help While Wife Spends Over Two Hours At Target

Pretty much everyone has experienced going into a store for one thing, and ended up shopping for hours at least once. Stores like Target have so many items; it’s hard not to spend hours searching every isle for more greatness.
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South Dakota's Anti-Meth Campaign Goes Viral

In a bizarre attempt to raise awareness against meth, South Dakota's new anti-meth ad campaign is going viral.
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