[Video] Woman Uses Cameo Message From Mark McGrath To Break Up With Her Boyfriend

There is no perfect way to break up with your significant other, but one woman may have just found the closest thing. Everyone loves celebrities, so why not have a celebrity do it for you?
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Brian May Calls Out Fake Queen 50th Anniversary Merchandise Being Sold Online

Queen’s Brian May is on a mission to make sure no Queen fans get duped by fake memorabilia. The legendary guitarist recently shared a photo on his verified Instagram account calling out a fake Queen 50th anniversary shirt being sold.
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Woman Shocked To Learn The Kitten She Recently Rescued Was Actually A Wild Puma

Usually when adopting a pet, the only surprises for the new owner are behavior based. That wasn’t the case for one woman in Argentina who recently learned the kitten she adopted was actually a wild puma.
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A ‘Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker’ Script Ended Up On eBay Thanks To One Of The Film’s Actors

When it comes to highly anticipated movies, film secrets are held tightly under wraps with big consequences if anything is revealed. While this mostly applies to Marvel movies, the upcoming Star Wars film is no different, as the ninth and final episode of the Skywalker saga may be one of the most...
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Monopoly’s New ‘Longest Game Ever’ Edition Will Have You Playing For Longer Than Ever Before

If you are looking for a way to distract your entire family for all of Thanksgiving, there is a new version of Monopoly exactly for that. ‘Monopoly Longest Game Ever’ Edition is the newest version of the classic game, and as advertised, the already impossibly long board game somehow is even longer...
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Kim Kardashian Claims Microwaving M&Ms Will "Change Your Life"

There are definitely things Kim Kardashian can be trusted to give tips on, but candy has never been one of them, until now. The reality star recently went to twitter to let her followers know; microwaving M&Ms will “change your life.”
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'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Who Lost On Technicality Gets A Holiday Surprise

Last week, when Kristen Shaw lost her chance for a trip to Nashville on the "Wheel of Fortune" because of a technicality, people all over the country flooded the internet with support for her.
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An 82 Year-Old Bodybuilding Grandmother Stopped Criminal Trying To Break Into Her Home

When a man recently tried to break in to a grandmother’s house, he thought it would be an easy crime. However, he wasn’t expecting that grandmother to also be a body builder. Willie Murphy, an 82 year old woman living in Rochester, New York recently dealt with a home intruder.
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Reynolds Wrap Wants You To Coat Your Thanksgiving Turkey In Mac And Cheese This Year

When it comes to thanksgiving, most people don’t want to break tradition. However, if this is the year to change it up, Reynolds Wrap wants to help. The foil company released their latest in strange thanksgiving themed recipes, and this year’s recipe has caught many off guard.
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[Video] Corgi Shocks The Internet By Having No Reaction To Vacuum While Napping

Anyone who has a dog knows the vacuum cleaner will forever be their enemy. While normal vacuums often cause problems for dogs, the robotic vacuum cleaners put fear in just about any dog.
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