[Video] Man Breaks Into Taco Bell And Cooks Himself A Meal Before Taking A Nap

Taco Bell was pretty much made for late night eating, but if your local chain is closed, it’s probably best to find somewhere else to eat. One man in Georgia didn’t seem to like that option, as surveillance footage shows a man breaking into a Taco Bell and making himself a meal, before taking a nap.
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Lexton bush fire site in western Victoria, Australia

Steve Irwin Cartoon Welcoming Australian Animals Killed In Wildfires Goes Viral

A heartbreaking cartoon of Steve Irwin welcoming Australian animals into heaven has gone viral.
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California Man Ordered A Waffle Maker On Amazon, Only To Receive One With Old Waffle Inside

There may be no better feeling than when an Amazon package gets delivered on time with no issues. Sadly for one California man, he didn’t get that experience after receiving a waffle maker for Christmas only for it to be delivered with an old crusty waffle inside.
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Girl Scouts Announce New “Lemon-Ups” Cookie That Come With Positive Affirmations

Girl Scout Cookie season is finally here, and there is a new addition to the lineup that has fans very excited. While all the classics will still be available, a new lemon flavored cookie is here to deliver flavor and a positive message.
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A Travel Company Is Looking For “Theme Park Testers” To Visit Florida For Three Weeks For $3,900

For those in constant search for “the job of a lifetime,” that career opportunity may finally be here. A travel company based in the U.K. is looking to hire a “Theme Park Tester” to spend three weeks visiting “several theme parks throughout Florida.”
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James Cameron Shares The First Look At The Highly Anticipated ‘Avatar 2’

‘Avatar 2’ is still 23 months away from being released, but anticipation for the sequel are growing rapidly. Luckily, James Cameron has delivered the first look at the upcoming film. This week, the director unveiled never-before-seen concept art while at 2020 CES in Las Vegas.
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Rob Lowe Credits Steven Tyler With Helping Him Stay Sober For 30 Years

Steven Tyler has accomplished many impressive feats in the world of rock and roll, but recent praise from a Hollywood actor shows Tyler is just as impressive in his personal life. Actor Rob Lowe recently credited the Aerosmith frontman with helping him stay sober for 30 years.
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Ozzy Osbourne And Elton John Are Working On A Song Together For 2020

2019 was a rough year for Ozzy Osbourne, but all indications point to 2020 being a big year for the Prince of Darkness. After a health scare back in April, Ozzy is now back in the studio, and after the release of his latest music video for ‘Straight To Hell,’ his wife, Sharon, now says there is...
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Cholula Is Giving Fans A Chance At A Lifetime Supply Of Hot Sauce If They Get A Cholula Tattoo

People with tattoos don’t like to admit it, but often their ink can become regrettable over time. Luckily for tattoo enthusiasts, Cholula is giving them a chance to benefit from a tattoo they will inevitably regret.
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Christian Bale Is Reportedly In Talks To Join The Cast Of ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’

It seems Christian Bale is heading back to the world of super heroes. The Oscar winning actor is currently in talks to join the cats of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder.’ It is unknown at this time what role Bale would play in the next Thor movie, but production is set to begin this summer.
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