[Video] College Football Player Brought His Dogs On The Field For Senior Day After Death Of Parents

Senior Night is a big one for college football players, as their family joins them on the field to celebrate their collegiate career. For Michigan States’ Josh Butler, it was sure to be a very difficult day, as he lost both his parents while in school.
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Comedian Pete Davidson Asked Fans To Sign NDA Before Attending Recent Show

Most comedians recently have begun going to extreme measures to make sure their jokes aren’t recorded by the audience, but one has officially gone too far. ‘Saturday Night Live’ Star, Pete Davidson reportedly has asked his audience to sign a non-disclosure agreement before attending his show.
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[Video] Teen Gets Stuck In A High Chair After Accepting A Dare

When it comes to reasons for a fire department to get called, someone getting stuck in a high chair is probably not very high in the list. However, that’s exactly what happened recently when a teenager got stuck in a high chair at Chick-fil-A after accepting a dare to try and get into it.
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Mother Shares Parenting Hack To Prevent Child Toy Store Freak Outs This Holiday Season

Anyone who has a kid has probably experience a toy store meltdown at least once. While kids don’t understand they can’t have everything in the store, parents just want to find a way to prevent a screaming incident over a toy.
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[Video] Tom Hanks Proves The Internet Isn’t All Negativity By Reading Kind Tweets

The internet is full of negativity, so when some positivity is produced, it’s always a nice change of pace. Of course, leave it to Tom Hanks to be the person that provides the positivity. The actor has gone viral for a new video reading kind tweets that have been written about him.
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McDonalds Goes Viral For Genius “One-Handed Meal” Hack

Eating on the go can be a difficult task. Luckily McDonalds Australia is here to make things a little simpler. The fast food chain shared a photo on Instagram of a genius new “one-handed meal” hack. The trick involves balancing a McDonalds burger box on top of a cup.
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Fans Poke Fun At Ellie Goulding’s “Lampshade” Look During Thanksgiving Game Halftime Show

Thursday’s Dallas Cowboys game gave fans plenty to complain about on the field, but what had viewers in the biggest uproar during the game occurred during halftime. Singer Ellie Goulding performed during the game’s halftime show, but it was her attire that caught most fans’ attention.
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Canadian Town Named After Asbestos Is Looking To Officially Change Their Name

It’s all in the name and a small town in Canada wants to prove that. The 7,000 person town of Asbestos, Quebec has approved a name change in order to help attract foreign investors.
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[Video] Marcher At Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Gets Knocked Over By Nutcracker Balloon

Everybody wants to be a hero, but sometimes it’s best to just sit back and let others handle the mess. One balloon handler at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade didn’t get the memo, as when wind started blowing the nutcracker balloon around, she thought she’d run in and save the day.
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Texas Hospital Goes Viral For Dressing Up Newborns In Thanksgiving Dinner Costumes

Thanksgiving may be over, but the holiday themed content is still rolling in. Thursday brought plenty of family selfies and food photos, but the one photo that’s getting the most attention online comes from the Woman’s Hospital of Texas.
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