Actor Ethan Suplee Stuns Fans With Shocking Weight Loss Photos

As many try to hold on to their New Year’s resolution of losing weight, one well-known actor is here to deliver some inspiration. Ethan Suplee, known for his roles in ‘Remember The Titans’ and ‘My name Is Earl,’ has been known throughout his career for his large physique, but recently shocked fans...
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[Video] Will Smith Goes Through Entire Career In Epic ‘Tonight Show’ Rap

From starting out as a rapper, to starring in his own television series, to becoming one of the world’s biggest movie stars, Will Smith has dominated Hollywood for over 30 years now. The actor has done many things throughout his illustrious career, and now he has a way for fans to reminisce about...
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More Rare And Previously Unreleased David Bowie Music Is Coming In 2020

The late David Bowie would have turned 73 this week, and while the world misses the iconic singer, some rare unreleased music of his will soon be released. An acoustic version of ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ was released earlier this week on what would have been his 73rd birthday.
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The Internet Helps A Texas Man Return 25 Year Old VHS Tape To Original Owners

The power of the internet was on full display recently as a man tried to return a VHS tape he recently purchased to the original owner. After buying an old VHS player at Goodwill, the man from Cedar Rapids, Texas turned on the outdated technology only to find someone’s baby video in there.
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Photographer Captures Stunning Image Of “Devil Horns” Sunrise During Solar Eclipse

Capturing a once in a lifetime photo is an incredible feeling, and not just because of the social media likes. For photographer and amateur astronomer Elias Chasiotis, he was just happy the sky cleared for his epic photo.
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Leonardo DiCaprio Saved A Man’s Life Who Was Drowning In The Caribbean

Leonardo DiCaprio has acted in many roles, but super hero is one the actor has avoided, until now. While DiCaprio won’t be starring in a super hero movie any time soon, the actor portrayed one in real life, after saving a man form drowning in the Caribbean.
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‘Supernatural’ Creator, And Jared Padalecki, React To Mark Hamill Tweeting About Show Cameo

The final season of ‘Supernatural’ is currently underway, but they may want to think about bringing it back for another season after a big name tweeted interest in the show. Fans of the CW show, along with the cast, were shocked when Mark Hamill posted on Instagram about the show after his name was...
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Billie Joe Armstrong Wants Green Day To Play A Concert In Your Backyard

Green Day may be gearing up for a huge stadium tour, but it seems Billie Joe Armstrong would prefer something a little more intimate. The Green Day frontman recently took to Instagram to ask fans if they had a big backyard for the band to perform at.
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Liam Gallagher Teases Oasis Reunion Claiming His Brother Is “Begging” To Get Back Together

With all the shocking reunion tours that have happened recently, the one band that fans still believe could never get back to get his Oasis. Brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher have been estranged for years, and only normally comment on the other negatively.
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13 Year Old Girl Goes Viral For Incredible Rendition Of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Plenty of people have attempted to sing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ Whether it’s a professional singer doing a cover, or someone doing their best attempt during karaoke night, no one can do it quite like Freddie Mercury.
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