Britney Spears Is Having Her First Ever Art Show Featuring Her Own Paintings

Britney Spears has accomplished many things throughout her career as a performer. She reached fame as a pop star, has appeared in movies and television, and helped change the industry with her Las Vegas residency shows.
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Nine-Month-Old Helps His Grandmother By “Doing Dishes” In Hilarious Viral Video

For some parents, it’s never too early to have their kid start working. For one mother, apparently nine months old is the perfect age to have a child start helping around the house. In a recent viral video, a mom shows her young child stationed at the sink, hilariously helping to wash dishes.
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A TV Commercial Starring A Pre-Famous Steve Carell From The 1980’s Has Gone Viral

Every actor needs to start somewhere, but sometimes seeing them in their pre fame stage of life can be a bit shocking. That’s what happened recently as a commercial from the 1980’s starring Steve Carell has gone viral.
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Pearl Jam Announces First Album In Seven Years, And 2020 North America Tour

It may not be a shocking reunion, but a beloved band is back and ready to deliver some new music. Pearl Jam announced this week they will be releasing their first new album in seven years, and hitting the road in 2020.
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Meat Loaf Sues Hyatt In Dallas Claiming He Suffered Injuries From Viral Fall From Stage

Back in May of 2019, the internet laughed as video surfaced of singer Meat Loaf falling off the stage at an event in Texas. Well, that viral moment is no laughing matter for the rock icon, as he is now suing hotel operator Hyatt in Texas state court.
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Oscars Snub J Lo And Adam Sandler; Check Out All The Nominees For This Year’s Awards

The nominees for the 2020 Academy Awards were announced on Monday, and while fans are excited to see who takes home the top prizes, many online were upset with those left off this year’s list.
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Cheetos Officially Names The Cheesy Dust Left Behind On Fingers

Anyone who has enjoyed the Cheetos has experienced the annoyingly sticky cheesy dust that coats the iconic snack getting stuck to their fingertips. While this inconvenient phenomenon has always come with eating Cheetos, many could never identify what to call their cheesy fingers.
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A Japanese Billionaire Is Starting A Reality Show To Find A Girlfriend To Travel To Space With

Elton John said it best; “it’s lonely out in space.” That’s a realization Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is starting to come to, as he plans to travel to space in 2023. That’s why the attention-grabbing entrepreneur is now starting a reality dating show, to find a girlfriend to travel to space...
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The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Reveals The Choices For The 2020 Fan Ballot

The 2020 nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was a list packed with talent. This made the choice for the fan vote one of the hardest since fans were given a vote. Still, this year’s winners took a commanding lead early and never looked back.
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Jelly Belly Is Bringing Their Iconic Jelly Bean Flavors To Sparkling Water

As sparkling water becomes more and more popular, and not just because of the rise of hard seltzer beverages, it seems more and more people are trying to jump on board before it’s too late. As more people turn to flavored water, as opposed to sugary sodas, one iconic candy brand has decided to...
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