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[WATCH] Thieves Make Off With $27,000 From An Apple Store In Just 30 Seconds

A group of thieves in California made off with thousands in Apple products during a store heist.
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Michael Jackson Impersonator Participates In Wrestling Match Immediately Goes Viral

This weekend a Michael Jackson impersonator participated in an independent wrestling show in Las Vegas. And to be honest he did not disappoint!
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What The Fluff Challenge: Bird's Reaction Has The Internet Laughing

The best reaction to the What The Fluff challenge ---- — Nature is Amazing -- (@AMAZlNGNATURE) July 5, 2018 What the Fluff Challenge has taken the internet by storm with numerous of people doing a simple magic trick to their pets, mostly dogs, and seeing their reactions...
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[VIDEO] Protestor In Underwear Scales LA Freeway Sign Then Backflips Off

The protestor hung sings and danced repeatedly before jumping off the Fwy 110.
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Man Gets Angry At Another Passenger For Eating A Burrito On The Train

This week a video of a man getting angry and calling the police on another passenger while riding the Bay Area Transit in California has been quickly going viral.
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[VIDEO] Man Late For Work Paddle Boards Across Hudson River

Commuters on the ferry spotted a man in a full suit paddle boarding across the Hudson River.
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Teen Studying American Sign Language Aides Blind And Deaf Stranger On Flight

Clara Daly, 15, was traveling home from Boston to Los Angeles with her mother on an Alaska Airlines flight last week. On the same flight was Tim Cook, a blind and deaf man traveling home as well from visiting his sister in Boston.
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[VIDEO] Fast Food Chain Fires Employee After Stirring Tea With Bare Hands

A video on social media has gone viral after an employee from Raising Cane's was stirring tea with her bare hand. The company took action after the video went on Facebook, having more than 2 million views. This happened at a Missouri store and both girls (one who was stirring and pouring into the...
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Man Elbow Drops Alligator To Save Friend From Being Attacked (Video)

A group of friends appear to be hanging out in some sort of river, and when the video begins, an alligator is quickly approaching a gentleman still in the water. His buddy is hurling rocks and shouting and trying to do everything he can to cause the alligator to flee.
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Signing Interpreter At Eminem Concert Slays 'Rap God' Verse

A video of a sign language interpreter during Eminem's set at the Firely Music Festival has gone viral this week.
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