James Corden

Video Shows James Corden Doesn't Drive During Carpool Karaoke

A video was posted on Twitter of James Corden filming his latest Carpool Karaoke episode. Only the late-night host wasn’t driving instead the car was being pulled by another vehicle.
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Brian Johnson and Angus Young

Watch This Cute Baby Sing AC/DC’s Thunderstruck

A dad cut together multiple videos of his son making baby noises to make him sound like he was singing ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC.
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Watch: Amish Men Lift And Carry A Barn Across A Farm

When the Amish claim they do all their work by hand, they really aren't kidding.
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Mountain Cedar

Video Shows An Insane Amount Of Mountain Cedar Being Released In Central Texas

A man down in Lake Travis posted a video of the mountain cedar dispersing a crazy amount of pollen into the air.
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Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey Channels Frank Underwood In New Christmas Video

Kevin Spacey made another strange video channeling Frank Underwood from ‘House of Cards’.
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Doorbell Camera

Homeowner Catches Man Pooping All Over His Porch Thanks To Doorbell Camera

A homeowner received a notification from his doorbell camera about activity on his front porch.
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happy pup

Service Dog Gets Super Excited When Meeting Dug From ‘Up’ At Disney World

A video of a service dog meeting his favorite Disney character goes viral.
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Amateur Video Catches Insane Tug Of War Between Honey Badger And Jackel Over A Python

It's no secret nature can be brutal and unforgiving.
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Video Of Dog's Attempt Going Down Stairs Goes Viral

Let's be honest, sometimes dogs and stairs just don't mix.
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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Releases Christmas Song, Christmas Tree Farm

Taylor Swift announced she just released a self-written a Christmas song with a cute home video compilation from her childhood.
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