Valentines Day

Woman Hugging German Shepherd Dog

Coors Light's Valentine’s Day Promotion Offers To Cover Dog Adoption Fees

This Valentine’s Day, Coors light is encouraging people to get a furry companion. Coors is running a promotion to pay some of the adoption fees between the dates of February 4 through February 21. The company wants to share the love by granting $100 towards dog adoptions to the first 1,000 dogs...
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Boy Giving Girl A Flower

3 Boys Bought Flowers For Every Girl At Their School

Every girl at this middle school received a flower for Valentines Day from these 3 boys.
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Tommy Lee & Brittany Furlan

Tommy Lee Gets Married To Social Media Star On Valentines Day

A year after asking for her hand in marriage Tommy Lee tied the knot with Brittany Furlan.
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Breadsticks & Marinara Sauce

Olive Garden Is Offering A Bouquet Of Breadsticks This Valentines Day

This year Olive Garden is changing up a traditional Valentines Day gift and turning it into something even better.
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Want 10 Free Wings? Hooters Invites You To Shred Your Ex's Photos On Valentine's Day

Shred your ex and get free food? Sign me up!
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[PHOTO] KFC's Valentine's Day Giveaway Will Offer A Colonel Sanders Bearskin Rug

Would you give this to your Valentine?
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Reese Witherspoon

Legally Blonde 3 Gets An Official Release Date

MGM Studios has Announced that Legally Blonde 3 will hit theaters in 2020
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