Peanut Butter

A Guy Showed Up To The Deep Ellum Dog Park Covered In Peanut Butter

[Photo] Guy is going viral for being covered in peanut butter and wearing only underwear at a dog park.
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Police, Criminal, Arrest, Handcuffs, Squad Car

Laughing Police Officer Carries Half-Naked Drug Dealer After Failed Escape

18-year-old Rhys Williams thought he was quick enough to escape the reach of the long arm of the law.
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Speed Camera, Red Light Camera, Blue Sky

Tired Of Speeding Tickets, Man Sets Fire To Speed Camera With “Flaming Underwear”

A 40-year-old man was arrested in Adelaide, Australia, for twice trying to set fire to a speed camera with a pair of what witnesses called “flaming underwear.”
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waffle house

Man In Underwear Falls Through Waffle House Ceiling In Alabama Then Fights The Whole Restaurant

Recently this week in Alabama, a man wearing only his underwear fell through the roof of a Waffle House and proceeded to fight everyone inside to get out.
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Bras, Underwear, Red, Shopping, Rack

You Can Now Buy Lacy Bras And Lingerie For Men!

Ever look at your wife or girlfriend wearing lingerie and think to yourself...."Man, I would look good in that.?"
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Airplane, Interior, Vent, Air Conditioning

Woman Dries Underwear Mid-Flight Under Plane's Air Conditioning Vent

A woman was traveling with Ural Airlines from Antalya, Turkey, to Moscow, Russia when mid-flight, she felt like she just had to do the laundry.
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Arlington Police Need Help Identifying A Woman Who Stuffed Underpants With Stolen Merchandise

If you have any information that might help please contact Detective Blanco at 817-459-6647.
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Underwear on Head

Texas Police Need Help Identifying An Underwear Burglar

Police have released footage of a man with underwear on his head burglarizing a local business.
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Forever Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe Statue Has A Very Awkward Placement

The statue of "Forever Marilyn" has found a new place to call home, right in front of the First Congregational Church of Stamford in Connecticut.
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Man On a Roof

Man In Florida Spent 4 Hours in His Underwear On The Roof Of A Wendy's

The Wendy's restaurant had to close when a man climbed up to the roof and striped down to his underwear.
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