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Woman Taking Selfie Catches Man Slipping Something Into Her Drink (Video)

A woman was enjoying her day at a music festival with some friends when she started recording a video selfie with her phone.
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[VIDEO] Puppy Sits On Baby's Lap And Has Twitter Going "Aww"

my heart ------ — judge me (@Judgment) April 9, 2018 This is probably the cutuest thing you'll ever see today! Something to kick start your week on a positive note. The puppy, as seen on the video, goes to where the baby is and just sits on his lap. The video has gone...
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This Puzzle Is Driving Everyone Crazy

How many triangles can you spot in this picture?
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The Internet is Divided Over This Peanut Butter & Pickle Sandwich

The sandwich recipe was originally shared by the New York Times.
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[VIDEO] Elderly Woman Bust A Move To 'Sweet Dreams'

Video of Funny Dancing Granny sweet dreams Eurythmics This senior citizen has some mad dancing skills and the video has 1.96 million views on Twitter. This awesome senior citizen is seen dancing to Sweet Dreams . No, she isn't going to bed, she's actually dancing to the song by Eurythmics . She...
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[VIDEO] The Internet Can't Get Enough of This Boy Yodeling Inside a Walmart

The video of the 10-year-old yodeling has gone viral since it was shared.
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Former Bachelor Arie Luyendyk's April Fool's Day Joke Turns Sour

Looks like Arie needs to take a break from social media for a bit...
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Try To Spot The Pets "Hiding" In These Photos!

Think of it as a feline/canine/rabbit "Where's Waldo"!
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Southlake Police Gets Backlashed For Going Against The Texas Rangers

Today was opening day for our Texas Rangers and the start of the baseball season. Everyone was geared up to go to Arlington and cheer on our Rangers going against the defending champs, the Houston Astros. Whoever ran the Twitter account for the Southlake Police was probably not a fan. The tweet...
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United Offers Passenger Voucher Up To $10,000

It all started with an overbooked United flight to Austin, Texas.
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