[Video] Dog Runs On Soccer Field Momentarily Stopping Game In Most Adorable Way

When a fan runs on to the field during a sporting event, the game is stopped for safety, but when a dog manages to get on the field the game is stopped because it’s too adorable to keep playing.
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Actor Henry Winkler Is Already Thinking About Thanksgiving Leftovers

While everyone is excited for the massive Thanksgiving meal they will be having on Thursday, plenty are already looking forward to leftovers on Friday. Count actor Henry Winkler as one of those already thinking about his leftover meal on Friday.
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Fowl Play: Thanksgiving Turkey Tips From a Poultry Expert

When exactly is the right time to start preparing the Thanksgiving fixings? A local poultry expert says right now. If you can, Dean Frankenfield of Godshall's Poultry in Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market recommends picking up a fresh turkey. “You can tell by the skin if it's nice and moist and...
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Reynolds Wrap Wants You To Coat Your Thanksgiving Turkey In Mac And Cheese This Year

When it comes to thanksgiving, most people don’t want to break tradition. However, if this is the year to change it up, Reynolds Wrap wants to help. The foil company released their latest in strange thanksgiving themed recipes, and this year’s recipe has caught many off guard.
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Wild Turkey

Video Shows Mailman Being Stalked By A Wild Turkey

A video has gone viral of a mailman being stalked by a wild turkey.
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Wild Turkeys Have Taken Over A Town In New Jersey, Terrorizing The Community

It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means plenty of families across the country will soon be enjoying turkey. However for one town in New Jersey, the turkeys seem to be fighting back as the holiday approaches.
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Raw Turkey Salmonella Outbreak Is Getting Worse

We have the full list of recalled turkey products.
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Steakhouse In New York Offers Most Expensive Thanksgiving Dinner Ever For $150,000

Thanksgiving is a great day full of tradition, family, gratitude and great food, but there is one thing that has always been missing from the holiday; extravagance. Well thanks to Old Homestead, a steakhouse in New York City, you can add some luxury to your holiday this year.
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Flamin' Hot Cheetos Turkey Is A Thing This Thanksgiving

We have the recipe.
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Thanksgiving Threatened After CDC Reports Massive Outbreak Of Salmonella In Turkey

Your traditional Thanksgiving plans may have to change this year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are hustling to squash a reported outbreak of salmonella in turkey. Reportedly, they claim the outbreak as already taken one life, and left 150 sick. In its continually updated report,...
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