El Paso's Khalid And Shawn Mendes Dedicates Song To Santa Fe High School Victims

El Paso's very own, Khalid and pop singer Shawn Mendes dedicated a song to the victims of the Santa Fe High School tragedy. With that, the singers invited some of the Youth Choir of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. If you remember, this high school is from Parkland, Florida where they also...
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Baby Giraffe Named Witten

Dallas Zoo Names New Baby Giraffe 'Witten'

We know now what to call the cutest newborn in town.
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[Photo] Late Steve Irwin Receives Star At Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Congratulations to the Irwin family!! So well deserved and remembering the legacy of Steve.
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Roseanne Pays Tribute to Late Cast Member Glenn Quinn

The episode aired Tuesday night.
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Jennifer Garner Pays Tribute to Her Dead Chicken

Jennifer Garner Pays Tribute To Her Late Chicken, Regina George

It's a sad day in Garner household. Jennifer is currently mourning the loss of her pet chicken, Regina George, who passed away sometime in March. Apparently, out of all the chickens that live at Jen's house, this one was the family favorite. While Regina George live a good long life, it's evident...
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Selena's Secret Wedding

Selena Cups Coming To All Stripes Stores In Texas

Cups honoring Selena Quintanilla will be going on sale at all Stripes stores across Texas this coming Saturday, April 7th! The cups come in two different designs with Selena images approved by the Quintanilla family to pay tribute to the Tejano Queen. Selena's 23rd death anniversary was March 31st...
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'The Simpsons' Pay Touching Tribute to Stephen Hawking

The famed theoretical physicist died on March 14 at age 76.
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People Are Celebrating Eagle's Super Bowl Win by Paying Tribute to Lost Loved Ones Who Were Lifelong Fans

Fans everywhere celebrated with loved ones who weren't able to spend that winning moment with them but were there in spirit.
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Justin Timberlake Kept His Promise For Not Using A Hologram For Prince

Just to be clear about everything, his halftime performance with Prince was NOT a hologram. JT did reach out to Sheila E. after he tweeted that Prince won't be turned into a hologram. Sheila E. was interviewed and mentioned about the hologram and JT, "Prince had told me... don't let anybody do a...
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Adele Channels Dolly Parton in a Tribute to the Singing Legend

She nailed the costume!
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