Bill Cosby, Suit, Trial

Bill Cosby Sentence Hearing Begins Today; Faces Possible Life Sentence

He was once known as "America's Dad." Today, Bill Cosby faces the rest of his life in prison, with the start of his sentence hearing over sexual assault charges.
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[VIDEO] Police Officer Breaks Man's Leg Over A 'Stolen' Tomato

And he was accused falsely too!
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Court, Courtoom

Judge To Allow Woman To Testify From Beyond The Grave At Own Murder Trial

Three years ago, Judy Malinowski was doused in gasoline and left for dead at a gas station in her native Ohio, eventually passing away this past Summer. In just a few months, she will be making a testimony against her ex-boyfriend in her own murder trial.
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Mark Zuckerber Had To Use Booster Seat At Trial

Mark Zuckerberg Needed A Booster Seat For His Testimony In Front Of Congress

Mark Zuckerberg isn't having a good week...or month for that matter.
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OJ Simpson

Lost O.J. Simpson "If I Did It" Interview To Air Sunday Night

If I Did It . Over ten years ago, O.J. Simpson authored this book offering, hypothetically, how we would have killed Nicole Brown Simpson
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