Upside-Down Jeans Are Just Plain Terrible

The world just isn't ready for inverted jeans. While they might be the wave of the future or tomorrow's latest fashion trend, there's just something unsettling about a pair of upside-down pants.
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Not invited to Royal Wedding

What You'd Been Waiting For: A Bad Lip Reading Of The Royal Wedding!

The video we've all been waiting for since the weekend! #1 Trending on YouTube now. 'A Bad Lip Reading' of the Royal Wedding video is out and it is everything we hoped to be and more! From Harry Potter references, to bikinis, to a bad smell and a horrible gift from Prince Harry to Meghan Markle...
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1980s, '80s, Girl, Gum, Fashion, Thinking

These Are Definitely ALL Of Your "Deep Thoughts" From The '80s

Tons of people had fun exploring their "deep thoughts," like the stores we used to shop in, to always remember to "be kind rewind," and how the Sony Walkman is the greatest invention ever.
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The Furby Organ Is Terrifying!

Have an old Furby lying around? You could have it turned into the world's creepiest musical instrument.
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