Busy High school

This High School Let Their Student’s Dress Up For There ID Photos

A high school in Michigan has a tradition of letting their students dress up to take their school ID photo and their student sure know how to get creative.
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Blink-182 Fans Keep Bringing Mark Hoppus Custom License Plates

Blink-182 fans have a new tradition that Mark Hoppus may regret starting. After a fan brought a custom license plate to a recent show, Hoppus gifted the fan his bass guitar, in exchange for the “BLNK 182” license plate.
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[PHOTOS] Homeless Will Spend Christmas At The Omni Hotel In Dallas

This is always so amazing!
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Thanksgiving, Dinner, Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberries, Thanksgiving Dinner

Accidental Text Leads To Annual Thanksgiving Tradition For Two Strangers Turned Friends

In 2016, Wanda Dench was trying to invite all her grandchildren over for Thanksgiving, when she accidentally texted a wrong number.
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[PHOTOS] High School Seniors Dress Up As Pop Culture Icons For Photo IDs

This has Twitter laughing! It's amazing!
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Military, Right Hand Raised, Oath, Swearing In

Three Airmen Fired After Officer Takes Reenlistment Oath Wearing Dinosaur Puppet On Right Hand

There is apparently little room for jokes at the United States Air Force, especially those involving dinosaur hand puppets.
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