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Trader Joe's Says It Won't Change Ethnic Food Label Names Despite Petition

Trader Joe’s, which said it would change ethnic brand names earlier this month following calls to action from a petition that stated the names were racist, will not be making changes after all. Read the statement now.
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Trader Joe's Founder Joe Coulombe Dies at 89

The original Trader Joe has passed away. Joe Coulombe, the founder of ‘fresh’ grocery store, Trader Joe’s, died Friday at his Pasadena, California home following a long illness. He was 89. Read for more information.
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Trader Joe’s Reveals 2019 List of Customers' Favorite Items

It’s awards season, which means Trader Joe’s is joining in on the fun. Every year, TJ’s chronicles their customers’ favorites by holding a poll and tallying the votes. Then, they compile a list of some of the best Trader Joe’s items of that year so that customers everywhere can stock up on fan...
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Geoffrey Owens Gets The Last Laugh After Attending SAG Awards Following Job-Shaming Controversy

It has been a tumultuous last few months for actor Geoffrey Owens. The former ‘The Cosby Show’ actor was photographed working at a Trader Joe’s in New Jersey, as a way to make ends meet last fall.
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Tyler Perry, Stage, Sunglasses, Microphone, Suit, Talking

Tyler Perry Offers Geoffrey Owens A Role On New Drama After Leaving Trader Joe's Job

The outpouring of support for former " Cosby Show" star Geoffrey Owens has been astronomical.
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Geoffrey Owens, Red Carpet, Suit, Smile

Fans And Actors Rush To Defend Geoffrey Owens From Articles "Job-Shaming" Him

Geoffrey Owens used to be best known for his role as Elvin Tibideaux on "The Cosby Show" from 1985 to 1992.
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100.3 Jack FM,Trader Joe's,Dead,Lizard,Kale,Greens,Viral,Gross,Food

This Woman Found A Dead Lizard In A Bag Of Trader Joe's Kale

Here's the perfect excuse to stop eating greens.
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