Ohio State University Is Attempting To Trademark The Word “The”

Back in 2006, the world laughed as Paris Hilton attempted to trademark her commonly used catchphrase, “that’s hot.” Now, there’s a new champion for most ridiculous attempt at a trademark.
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cardi b

U.S. Patent Office Shuts Down Cardi B's Attempt To Trademark 'Okurrr'

Cardi B may have made ''Okurrr" famous, but she won't be capitalizing on it anytime soon.
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Marc Jacobs Lawsuit Means Courtney Love, Frances Bean Cobain, and Dave Grohl Have To Work Together

A rock 'n' roll soap opera indeed!
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Alfonso Ribeiro, Carlton Dance, Graham Norton Show, 2013

U.S. Copyright Office Says Alfonso Ribeiro Can’t Copyright Famed “Carlton Dance”

Put this one in the loss column for "Fresh Prince"actor Alfonso Ribeiro.
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Child, Hands, Play Doh

Hasbro Files Trademark For Play-Doh's Signature Smell

Play-doh has been around since 1956, and if you've EVER played with it, you know half the fun (and sometimes the struggle) was the smell. ​
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