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Here's Mark Hamill To Review All The Luke Skywalker Action-Figures

The one and only Luke Skywalker took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the various action-figures throughout the decades.
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Toys R Us, Closing, Sale

Toys R Us Plans To Close All Remaining Stores After Failing To Find Buyer

Late last year, Toys R Us announced their intention to close 200 stores around the country after filing for bankruptcy.
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Little Girl With Doll

Little Girl With Hearing Loss Enamored With New Doll That Wears Hearing Aids

Meet 3-year-old Dixie Harris-Sandstrom from London. Dixie was born with severe hearing loss in both ears that has required her to wear hearing aids. Dixie received her first hearing aid when she was just 1 year old. She currently communicates with a mix of sign language and speaking.
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Toys R Us Plans To Close 200 Stores

Unfortunately, an empire is falling and it is closing 200 more stores and even laying off people in the corporate side. Last year, the company laid off about 250 employees and 15 per cent of its corporate employees. The company will have a meeting to see if they will go ahead and close the 200...
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