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Police Warn Not To Flush Drugs Down The Toilet For Fear Of Creating Meth-Gators

The Loretto Police Department in Tennessee has issued a warning for its citizens.
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Restroom Hand Dryers Are Blowing A Ton Of Feces Particles On You

We already know public restrooms aren't the cleanest places in the world.
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Norway Opens The World's Most Beautiful Public Restroom

Norway may have just built the most beautiful public restroom in the world.
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People Are Actually Ditching Toilet Paper In Favor Of Reusable "Family Cloth"

Ok. First of all, this is gross. Maybe friendlier to the environment, but still way gross.
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Student Claims Spirit Air Made Her Flush Pet Hamster Down The Toilet

“She was scared. I was scared. It was horrifying trying to put her in the toilet.”
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Plane Detoured Mid-Flight Due To Broken Toilets Despite 60 Plumbers Being On Board

A Norwegian flight traveling from Oslo to Munich had to turn around while in the air due to several problems with the plane's toilets.
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