Tiger Woods

Dallas Man Wins Bet To Name Son “Tiger” After Tiger Woods Wins The Masters

A couple from Dallas, Texas made a bet to determine what their sons' name would be if Tiger Woods won the Masters tournament.
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Tiger in a Cage

People Went Into An Abandoned Texas Home To Smoke Pot, Find A Tiger Living Inside

People in a Houston suburb broke into a vacant home and discovered a large animal living inside.
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Tiger,Cub,Smuggling,Boarder Patrol,Texas,Mexico,Abandoned,Rio Grande,Duffel Bag,100.3 Jack FM

Border Patrol Finds Abandoned Tiger Cub Inside Duffel Bag

Texas border parol has found a live tiger cub left behind by smugglers.
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Police Engage In 45 Minute Standoff With Stuffed Tiger They Think Is Real

A Scottish farmer frantically called police after spotting a tiger in his cow shed.
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