Texas Teen Took His Mom To Prom

Most teens would shudder at the idea of taking their mom to prom. However, for one Texas teenager, it's all he's ever thought about doing.
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Think Texas Has A Mosquito Problem? The World's Largest Was Just Discovered In China!

Y'all, we're Texans. We know a thing or two about mosquitos.
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Texas: One Of The Most Gambling-Addicted States

Texas: One Of The Most Gambling-Addicted States

WalletHub has compared the 50 states across 19 key metrics and released it's list of the 2018 Most Gambling-Addicted States and Texas is in three Top 10 categories. Gambling Addiction in Texas (1=Most Addicted, 25=Avg.): 40th – Casinos per Capita 42nd – Gaming Machines per Capita 24th – Lottery...
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Man Uses Car Seat Warmer To Keep Tortillas Hot

Texas Man Uses Car Seat Warmer To Keep Tortillas Hot On The Way Home

If you thought car seat warmers in Texas were pointless...you've officially been proven wrong!
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'D Magazine' Ranks Top 52 Things To Do In Dallas

If you're new to Dallas (or even if you're a native to the metroplex) and want to know more about all there is to do in this city, D Magazine has got you covered with their "52 Things you gotta do in Dallas" list.
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New 'Parenting Laws' Are Coming To Texas

The Texas Public Policy Foundation is working and in process of drafting a law where parents can have more freedom when it comes to parenting. There are some laws in Texas on how to supervise your child. For example, leaving a child unsupervised is a neglectful supervision or children who are...
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TxDOT To Remove $1.3 Billion In Late Toll Road Fees

If you received a late fee from the Texas Department of Transportation between 2007 and March 1, 2018, and failed to pay it, you might be off the hook.
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Hurst,Local,News,Home,House,Explosion,Gas Main,Truck,Texas,DFW,Dashcam,Footage,Video,100.3 Jack FM

Dashcam Footage Captures Hurst Home Explosion

Police have realsed new dashcam footage of the house explosion, which occured on April 7.
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Barbra Bush,Bush,Firstlady,Former,Failing,Helath,Hospital,Comfort Care,George W. Bush,H.W.,Texas,Local,DFW

Former First Lady Barbara Bush Dies At The Age Of 92

Barbara Bush has passed away at the age of 91 at her home in Houston, Texas.
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800 Mariachis in South Texas May Have Set a World Record

800 Mariachis gather in Texas to break a world record.
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