13-Year-Old Boy Dies From Brain-Eating Amoeba

A Florida boy has died after contracting a brain-eating amoeba while vacationing with his family. The teenager was initially diagnosed with strep throat. Read more!
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Teen Goes to the Hospital Twice for COVID-19, Films Scary Experience

A 16-year-old young woman documented her battle with COVID-19. The teenage went to the hospital twice for COVID-19 and documented her terrifying experience.
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Watch: Teenager Tries To Use Rotary Phone On 'Ellen' And Fails

And let's just say it did not go so well.
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Teenager Rescues 11-Year-Old From House Fire In Mansfield

A 17-year-olds quick thinking may have saved the life of an 11-year-old boy.
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Teenager’s Science Fair Project May Have Solved The Car Blind Spot Problem

Blind spots created by the side panels of a wind shield can be extremely dangerous on the road, especially for cyclists. While many car companies are working on solutions to this problem, a teenager may have just solved the problem for her science fair project.
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Cop In Full Gear Schools Teen In 1 On 1 Basketball

So this isn't the first time we've seen video of police acting in kindness with kids in their city, dancing, playing ball with them.
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Dallas, DFW, Skyline, Dusk, Margaret McDermott Bridge

Dallas Teen Seriously Injured After Falling Off Margaret McDermott Bridge Trying To Take A Selfie

18-year-old Triston Bailey doesn't remember much from the fall, he just knows he should consider himself lucky.
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Teenager, Teen, Girl, Bedazzled, Cell Phone, Bed

Police Teach Valuable Lesson After Teen Calls 911 Because Her Father Took Her Phone

A teenager in Ohio learned a very valuable lesson in the importance of only calling 911 for an actual emergency.
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Woman, Runner, Jogging, Running, Trail, Jogger

Woman Attacked By Dog And Then Bit By The Owner While Jogging

A woman in California was out for a jog in when a strange dog ran up and attempted to attack her.
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German Teen Loses His Driving License After Only 49 Minutes On The Road

There’s always reason to be fearful when kids first get their license. Well one teenager took that to a whole new level by losing his license after only 49 minutes. Caught speeding shortly after passing his driving test, one teen from Germany will now be without a license for a few weeks.
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