Brad Pitt Debuts New Tattoo Alongside His Angelina Jolie Ink

Brad Pitt arrived at the Venice Film Festival sporting some new mysterious ink. The 55-year-old flaunted a new tattoo on his right bicep of a tall man standing over his shadow, according to the Daily Mail. View this post on Instagram Brad Pitt reveals his hunky frame and new bicep tattoo in khaki t...
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Jessica Alba Reveals Which Tattoo She Regrets The Most

Getting a tattoo as a teenager can be fun, but it may lead to regrets later in life. That was the case for Jessica Alba, who recently spoke on the tattoo she regrets getting the most. According to the actress even attempts to laser the tattoo off her have failed.
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Tattoo, Artist, Gun, Black Gloves, Mushroom, Arm

Tattoo Artist’s Skin To Be Removed, Preserved, And Framed Upon Death

Chris Wenzel shared had the sentiment that you would never burn or bury a Picasso, so why do the same with other works of art? Notably, tattoos?
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Roast Beef Sandwich

Arby’s Will Give You A Free Sandwich Tattoo This Weekend

Arby’s is giving away free tattoos this weekend.
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Dominos Pizza

Dominos Ends Their Free Pizza For Life Promotion After Realizing It Was A Bad Idea

Dominos in Russia offered the best promotion ever and ended it sooner than expected.
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27-Year-Old Tattoo Addict Covers Entire Body, Including Mouth And Eyeballs, With Black Ink

Eli Ink looks very different from the man he was ten years ago.
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