[VIDEO] Man Stretches Before Robbing A Philadelphia Dunkin Donuts

I mean, it hurts when you pull your hamstring
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Arcade Machine, Claw

Man Uses Toddler To Steal Prizes From Arcade Machine

Police in New Hampshire are on the lookout for a man who stole valuable prizes from an arcade machine, with the little help of the small hands of a toddler.
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Dryer, Laundromat

Man Tries To Evade Police By Hiding In Dryer

Here's a tiny bit of advice: never try and play hide and seek with the police. Chances are, they will find you.
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Bank Robbery

Bank Robbery Suspect Gives ID, Easily Tracked By Police

Police say a quick-thinking bank teller in Ohio convinced a suspected robber to hand over his own license.
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Man, Handcuffs, Arrested, Arms Behind Back

Good Samaritan Praised For Tripping Fleeing Suspect As He Was Reaching Into Waistband For Gun (Video)

Police wwere chasing a man through the streets of Columbus, Ohio when he began reaching for a gun in his waistband.
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Police,Shootout,Shooting,Standoff,Suspect,Dead,IKEA,Parking Lot,Lock Down,Grand Prairie,Local,News,Breaking,DFW,Crime,100.3 Jack FM

One Dead After Police Shootout Outside Grand Prairie IKEA

A standoff with local law enforcement has ended with one suspect dead after opening fire on police officers.
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World's Worst Police Sketch Actually Leads To Suspect's Arrest

All police had to go on was a crudely drawn sketch of the suspect from a witness.
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Police Searching For Suspect Who Hid In Backseat And Robbed Dallas Woman At Gunpoint

Alyse Van Scoy left her home shortly after midnight last Friday to visit her local Walgreens.
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