Airplane, Cabin, Seats, Empty

Is It Rude To Recline Your Seat On A Plane?

The room we have on flights is getting smaller and smaller.
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candy Releases List Of America's Least Favorite Christmas Candy

Sweats and candy are a big part of any holiday season, and Christmas is no different. From candy canes, to holiday themed favorites, candy has become just as much of a Christmas season staple, as any other tradition.
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Millennial Business Man

Survey Shows That Millennials Would Rather Give Up Sex & Alcohol Than Amazon

A new survey done by the Max Borges Agency shows that Millennials love Amazon so much that they would give up sex and alcohol.
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The Best U.S. Cities To Save Money On Halloween Are In North Texas

WalletHub did a study that showed which U.S. cities are the best to spend Halloween if you’re on a budget.
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Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Asked People What Their Favorite Novel Was, Everyone Had The Same Answer

Jimmy Kimmel wanted to see if PBS’ results of Americans favorite book match that of random people off the street.
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Bad 3D movie

Survey Shows Every States Favorite Bad Movie, Can You Guess Texas’?

A New survey shows every states favorite bad movie.
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date night

How Much Does The Average Date In Texas Cost?

If you're looking for a cheap date, you might want to consider moving to South Dakota.
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What Americans Would Give Up For $1000

According to The Street, a new study by Acorns (a micro-investing app company), $1,000 would really come in handy for many Americans, and here is what they'd give up... to get it!
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New Survey Reveals Age People Should Stop Wearing Jeans

A new survey has surfaced that asks a very odd question that we've never really considered thinking about. But is there a certain age people should stop wearing denim jeans? Well this study done by CollectPlus says yes and that age is 53! Which to us is kind of a random age to be honest. And...
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