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(Video) College Student Fills Pothole With Lucky Charms. Eats It.

"I knew it was a good idea and people would get a good laugh."
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Student's Horrified Reaction on Theme Park Ride Goes Viral

At least this student was brave enough to get on this ride!
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Student Writes Heartwarming Letter to Teacher After Her Dog Passes Away

People shared their reactions to the touching letter as well.
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Student Hires Stripper To Perform At Austin Middle School

When she arrived at the address specified, she was standing in the parking lot of Grisham Middle School, located in Northwest Austin.
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Southlake Carroll High School Teen In Running For Military Child Award

Travis Almand, 18, of Southlake is a semifinalist in the 2018 Military Child of the Year. Both children and teens who have military parents often times relocate. Before reaching his freshman year in high school, the Almand family who are part of the U.S. Air Force moved 10 times! That is definitely...
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