Tornado, Field, Fence, Storm, Weather, Farm

Woman Caught Under Falling House After Going Outside To Film A Tornado

Unfortunately, we’re still deep in tornado season in North Texas.
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Noah's Ark, Landscape, Mountain

Owners Of A Full-Size Replica Of Noah's Ark File Lawsuit Over Rain Damage

The owners of a full size-replica of Noah's Ark have filed a lawsuit against their insurers for, of all, things, rain damage.
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Parking Garage, Cars, Flooded, Water, Dark

Heavy Rains Completely Flood Dallas Love Field Parking Garage

It's raining across DFW. Hard.
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People In Garland Could Be Without Power Until Friday Due To Outage From Storm Winds

Residents in southeast Garland could be facing a pretty big challenge this week after North Texas was hit with heavy thunderstorms.
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Ducks, Pond, Water, Ripples

Ducks Enjoy Makeshift Water Slide At White Rock Lake

If you've been enjoying this rain recently, you're not alone.
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Waffle House, Exterior

FEMA Uses Waffle House To Gauge Severity Of Natural Disasters

It's called the "Waffle House Index."
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Bottles, Wine, Rack

Weatherman's "Wine Forecast" Lets You Know How Many Bottles You'll Need For The Storm

The blizzard hit the region hard, so there was no doubt locals were tuned into their weathermen just to see what what was going on, and how prepared they should be.
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