South Carolina


Man Almost Loses Chance Of Winning $100,000 After Throwing Away Winning Lottery Ticket

For those obsessed with playing the lottery, throwing away a ticket before confirming a loss is unheard of. One man in South Carolina almost had to learn that lesson the hard way after throwing out a ticket worth $100,000.
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Three Weeks Later And Winner Of The 1.5 Billion Mega Millions Jackpot Is Still Unknown

If you've been curious about who won that record breaking mega millions jackpot, you're not alone.
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Severe Mosquito Outbreak Hitting North Carolina After Hurricane

After Hurricane Florence came and went, residents of North Carolina thought things would begin to go back to normal.
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Everyone's Favorite Flag Waving Head Banger Lane Pittman Returns To Take On Hurricane Florence

Two years ago no one had a clue who Lane Pittman was. That is until he was filmed standing in the streets in Florida, staring down Hurrincane Matthew while holding an American flag and headbanging to Slayer.
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Jimmy Buffet

Jimmy Buffett Went Surfing While Everyone Was Evacuating In South Carolina

The Margaritaville singer took to the ocean the other day just to catch some waves.
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Lemons, Bowl, Lemonade Stand

9-Year-Old Opens Lemonade Stand To Raise Money For Sick Brother, Earns $6,000 In Two Hours

9-year-old South Carolina boy Andrew Emery wanted to help his parents take care of his little brother Dylan in any way possible.
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Graduation Cake

A Grocery Store Censored 'Summa Cum Laude' On A Graduation Cake

A grocery store in South Carolina censored a graduation cake due to profanity.
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A Fish With Human Like Teeth Was Reeled In Off The South Carolina Coast

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources asked the public what kind of fish they thought this was.
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Man in a chicken suit

Man Dresses Up as a Chicken to Slow Down Speeding Cars

To help slow down speeding cars in a family friendly neighborhood, a man dresses up as a chicken to slow them down.
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