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Backstreet Boys Release New Single For First Time In Five Years

Oh let the nostalgia fill your soul!
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Research Finds Life Is More Fulfilling When You're Single

If the perfect person hasn't come into your life yet, fear not. Don't worry about all your friends from high school and college getting married to their sweethearts and starting their lives together. It's all a facade!
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Lonely Bird Dies Alone Next To Concrete Decoy He Fell In Love With

Wildlife officials wanted to establish a new gannet colony on the island off the coast of New Zealand, and placed some 80 decoy birds made of concrete to lure more birds to settle there.
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Cole Beasley Has Released His First Rap Song

There's always a Cowboy who thinks he can sing. Dallas Cowboy's wide receiver Cole Beasley, has just dropped his first single "80 Stings" off his upcoming untitled hip hop record. Beasley is pretty serious about putting out music, having already started his own record company, Cold nation. Beasley...
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