Families Raise Money for School Janitors Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

While schools across the country remain closed, custodial staff still have to go in to make sure that everything is clean. Families raised money for school janitors amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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Zoom CEO Offers Free Tools for Schools Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Eric Yuan, the CEO of Zoom, is making sure schools have the opportunity to sign up to free accounts for his video conferencing software. See the details.
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Principal Demands Female Students Send Photos of Prom Dresses for Approval

A high school principal is demanding female students submit photos of their prom dressses for approval before purchasing them. Many believe the mandate has crossed the line and that parents should be the ones approving the outfits.
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[Video] Mother Can’t Help But Laugh After Realizing She Drove To School Without Her Kids

Being a mom comes with plenty of struggles, but being able to laugh at mistakes makes things go a lot smoother. At least that was the case for one mother who has gone viral after driving to drop her kids off at school, but forgetting them at home.
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Disney's The Lion King Poster

School Forced To Pay Fine For Showing Kids ‘The Lion King’ At A Fundraiser

A school in California was hit with a fine after showing kids Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ at a fundraiser event.
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Teacher Wears Skin-Tight Bodysuit to Explain Anatomy to Students

An educator in Spain left little to imagination to teach her third grade students about the human anatomy. Instead of simply using a textbook to instruct the class, Verónica Duque donned a form-fitting bodysuit that mapped out all the internal organs in great detail. Muy orgulloso de este volcán de...
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School Principal Faces Backlash After Taking Pizzas From Student Party

It’s the Grinch who stole the pizzas! An Iowa principal has apologized after removing pizzas that had already been delivered for a student holiday party organized by one of the teachers, reported “ Today .” School principal faces backlash after taking pizzas away from student party
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5-Year-Old Flips Bird to the Audience for 20 Minutes During Nativity Play

A little girl dressed as an angel had her finger on the pulse of her school play. Ella Legge caused a sensation after a hangnail had her accidentally flip the bird to parents and other members of the audience of the school’s nativity play. Sweet angel in nativity play accidentally flips off...
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Students On Playground Perform Massive Jump Rope Act That Has Stunned The Internet

Just about everyone has attempted to jump rope at least once, but not many have done it this way. Students in China have gone viral for their massive group jump roping act. In the video, dozens of students begin swinging the ropes, in unison, while one brave student attempts to hope over all at...
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Gross School Experiment Shows Students the Effects of Not Washing Their Hands

A school has used moldy bread to show its students how important it is to wash your hands. The month-long classroom experiment was carried out by two teachers at Discovery Elementary School in Idaho Falls, Idaho just as the height of flu season was set to begin, reported “Today.” Gross! School...
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