The Grinch

Mom Scares Her Own Children With A Surprise Visit From The Grinch In Viral Video

A video has gone viral of kids screaming and running away from someone dressed as the Grinch.
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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Chrissy Teigen Scared John Legend While He Was Guest Hosting 'Ellen'

Chrissy Teigen scared the “Sexiest Man Alive,” her husband John Legend while he was guest-hosting ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’.
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Cat, Face, Feline, Whiskers

Terrified Cat Clings Onto Van Going 60 MPH On The Highway (Video)

Ronda Rankin was riding with her family in Omaha, Nebraska last Friday night when her daughter noticed something strange about a vehicle next to them on the highway. From the backseat, her daughter said, "That's a cat."
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Jack In The Box

Watch These Kids React In Horror To The Dreaded Jack In The Box

Age doesn't matter when it comes to a Jack in the Box. It's hands down the most terrifying toy of all time. Even when you know Jack is going to pop out at you, it's scary. The anticipation alone will kill you!
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Little Girl's Chess Game Face Is On Point!

In every sport, you must have a game face. It's the first rule in gaming of any kind. It's important to set a precedent.
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