Fort Worth Restaurant Owner Welcomed Homeless People To Cool Off, Gets Free Lemonade

Southern hospitality at its finest
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Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri is Opening A Taco Joint At Texas Live!

Guy Fieri is opening a new restaurant here in DFW.
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Sheet Ghost

Haunted Restaurant In San Antonio Lets Customers Stay The Night

Owners of the OnLive Hall of Fame Cafe in San Antonio have recently found out they are not alone.
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Texas BBQ

There’s A Texas Themed Restaurant In Sweden

The Texas Longhorn Steakhouse opened in 1994 and is owned by a Texan.
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[VIDEO] Fast Food Chain Fires Employee After Stirring Tea With Bare Hands

A video on social media has gone viral after an employee from Raising Cane's was stirring tea with her bare hand. The company took action after the video went on Facebook, having more than 2 million views. This happened at a Missouri store and both girls (one who was stirring and pouring into the...
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Dad Pretends To Be Prime Minister Of Morocco To Get Family Into Fancy Restaurant

Have you ever wanted to get into a restaurant so badly, that you pretended to be somebody really important?
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Restaurant, Check, Bill, Credit Card, Coffee

Purse Thief Caught Trying To Pay For Meal With Waitress's Credit Card

Last Monday, Arkansas woman Flora Lunsford had her purse stolen while she was inside a convenience store two block away from her work.
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Buffet, Food, Metallic Trays

All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant Closes After Two Weeks After Customers Eat Too Much

Customers would pay a $25 fee, securing them a monthly membership card. For that month, they were allowed to eat as much food as they possibly could.
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Man Returns Collection Of 150 Whataburger Table Tents Before Getting Married

Ahead of his wedding just a week away, San Antonio man Joseph Mora decided it was best to finally part with one of his most cherished collections.
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19-year-old,Chef,New,Restaurant,NYC,Gem,Flynn McGarry,Tasting Menu,Michelin Star,Kitchen,100.3 Jack FM

19-Year-Old Chef Opens NYC Restaurant With $155 Tasting Menu

The young prodigy has already worked in several Michelin-starred kitchens.
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