A Man In China Is Building A Zoo Where Animals Roam Free And Human’s Watch From Cages

As awesome as going to the zoo is for any animal lover, the one down side is seeing animals in cages instead of roaming free. Luckily, that may be soon coming to an end, as an architect in China is designing a zoo where humans are the one in cages.
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Resort Owner Goes Viral After Calling Out “Influencers” Who Want To Stay For Free

If you are an aspiring Instagram Influencer, you best stay away from the White Banana Beach Club in the Philipines.
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A Resort in the Bahamas in Looking for a CFO (Chief Flamingo Officer)

Being a CFO isn't easy. Especially when flamingos are involved. Did you know the Flamingo is the national bird of the Bahamas? The Baha Mar resort in the Bahamas is currently looking for a CFO, a Chief Flamingo Officer. Later this spring a flock of flamingos is expected to arrive at the resort and...
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