Cokie Roberts

Journalist Cokie Roberts Passes Away At Age 75

Legendary Broadcast Journalist Cokie Roberts has passed away at the age of 75.
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News Reporter

Reporter Is Caught On Live TV Using Spit As Hair Gel

A reporter didn’t know the camera was live and was caught using his own spit as hair gel.
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News Reporter Says The Flux Capacitor Caused A Plane To Crash

A news reporter in Boston claimed the reason an airplane crashed was due to a defective Flux Capacitor.
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Hayley Moore,British,Reporter,Stops,Charging,Horse,Race,Chepstow,Racecourse,Wales,Video,Hero,Brave,Fearless,100.3 Jack FM

[VIDEO] Fearless Reporter Stops Charging Horse

This British reporter amazingly stood her ground against a charging run away horse and lived to tell the tale.
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