Taco Bell

Taco Bell Recalls Over 2 Million Pounds Of Their Seasoned Beef

Taco Bell announced that they have recalled 2.3 million pounds of their seasoned ground beef due to metal shavings.
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Blue Bell Recalls Butter Crunch Half Gallons For Possible Foreign Object

Blue Bell is voluntarily recalling a specific lot of half gallon Butter Crunch Ice Cream produced on a specific line on August 26, 2019 in its Alabama plant because of the possibility the products may contain a foreign object.
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Tyson Recalls 11.7 Million Pounds Of Frozen Chicken Strips Over Metal Contamination Fears

Tyson Foods Inc. of Rogers, Arkansas has expanded a recall of frozen, ready-to-eat chicken strips from 69,000 pounds to 11,760,424 pounds of product because they may be contaminated with pieces of metal, according to the USDA.
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Chewy Chips Ahoy On Recall After Company Says It May Have An 'Unexpected Solidified Ingredient'

The famous Chew Chips Ahoy cookies are on recall after multiple reports says that it may contain an "unexpected solidified ingredient." The cookies that are on recall are they Chew Chips Ahoy 13-ounce packages. If you have the cookies with a retail UPC of 0 44000 03223 4 with expiration dates of: -...
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Tyson Recalls Some Chicken Nuggets, Contamination Possible

Tyson Foods is recalling more than 36,000 pounds (16,329 kilograms) of chicken nuggets because they may be contaminated with rubber.
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lime scooter

Lime Has Begun To Recall Scooters All Across Dallas Due To Reports Of Breaking

The largest supplier of electric scooters in North Texas, Lime, is beginning to recall a large portion of its fleet after recieving multiple reports of them breaking wihle being used.
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Lime Scooters Have Been Recalled After Reports Of Scooters Catching On Fire

There has been a recall of lime scooters after unconfirmed reports of the scooters catching on fire. The company has removed 2,000 electric scooters from San Diego, Los Angeles and Lake Tahoe.
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Ready-To-Eat Salads On Recall After Salmonella, Listeria Contamination

This impacts 7-Elevens across Texas
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Toyota Recalls 2018/2019 Trucks, SUVs For Air Bag Problem

Did it affect you?
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Beef Jerky

Buc-ee’s Teriyaki Beef Jerky Gets Recalled

A customer on Monday reported finding metal in their beef jerky.
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