Woman Films Herself Quitting Her Job At Wendy’s

Anyone who isn’t happy with their job has dreamed of the day they finally quit. While most think about going out screaming in a blaze of glory, usually they end up leaving quietly. For one now former Wendy’s employee, that was a route she wasn’t willing to take.
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Keith Richards Claims He Has Been Cigarette Free Since October

Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones is known for many things, but the image of the guitarist playing with a cigarette in his mouth is engrained in the minds of many fans of the iconic band. However, that image may soon start to fade away, as the 76 year old has announced he has finally quit the...
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Toto To Call It Quits After Their 40th Anniversary Tour Ends

It seems it will be solely up to Weezer to bless the rains down in Africa from now on. After 40 years, Toto will call it quits after their show at The Met Philadelphia on Sunday.
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Lil Wayne Supposedly Quits Blink-182 Tour During Recent Concert

During their show this week, Lil Wayne had a moment on stage that has a lot of fans a bit confused.
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Man Quits His Job Using A Condolences Card

Everyone has thought about how they would quit their job if given the opportunity. Some think of leaving in a blaze of glory, confronting coworkers on their way out, but some just want a good laugh out of the unfortunate situation.
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Teen Quits Job At Walmart With Amazing Rant Over Store's PA System

The majority of us have only ever dreamed of quitting a job like this.
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Feel Like Quitting Your Job But Don't Want To Face The Boss? For $450, This Company Will Do It For You!

Making the decision to quit your job can sometimes be as stressful as the job itself.
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Dave Bautista Might Quit Third 'Guardians' Installment If James Gunn Script Isn't Used

This could be the end of Drax the Destroyer as we know it.
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