Woman Hugging German Shepherd Dog

Coors Light's Valentine’s Day Promotion Offers To Cover Dog Adoption Fees

This Valentine’s Day, Coors light is encouraging people to get a furry companion. Coors is running a promotion to pay some of the adoption fees between the dates of February 4 through February 21. The company wants to share the love by granting $100 towards dog adoptions to the first 1,000 dogs...
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Chicago White Sox

Chicago White Sox To Celebrate The 40th Anniversary Of “Disco Demolition Night”

The first 10,000 attendees will receive a free t-shirt at Thursday nights game.
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Fried Chicken, Basket

Popeyes Offering Chicken Wings Dipped In Champagne Batter And Coated With 24-Karat Gold

Popeyes Chicken is celebrating a special milestone.
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Dominos Pizza

Dominos Ends Their Free Pizza For Life Promotion After Realizing It Was A Bad Idea

Dominos in Russia offered the best promotion ever and ended it sooner than expected.
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Chicken Nuggets, Chick fil A

Chick-Fil-A Giving Away Free Nuggets All September Long!

Chick-Fil-A fans pay attention because Christmas has come early!
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Work, Business, Handshake

More Companies Offering Promotions Without Pay Raise

Getting a promotion at work should be a time to celebrate.
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Florida Police

Police Officer Shows Off His Junk in 'Florida: The Second Chance State - Take 61'

Sergeant James White of the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office was out with fellow officers last August, celebrating a detective's promotion.
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Ryan Reynolds Dressed As Unicorn Sings On Korean TV Show

While spending time in South Korea to promote the upcoming "Deadpool" sequel, Ryan Reynolds did the most Ryan Reynolds thing he could do. He disguised himself as a unicorn, and sang on the popular Korean TV show "King of Mask Singer" in total secrecy. He didn't even tell his wife Blake Lively he...
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100.3 Jack FM,Applebee's,Gift Card,Expired,Pick A Card Any Card,Restaurants,Other,Promotion,March,2018,Coupons,Gift Certificates,Food

Applebee's Is Taking Your Expired Gift Cards From Other Companies

Got some expired gift cards laying around, and looking for a half-price dinner? Applebee's has you covered.
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