Teens Disguised as A Tall Man Tried to Sneak into See Black Panther

Oh this totally isn't two people underneath a trench coat. Over the weekend everyone was trying to get a ticket to see the latest Marvel movie Black Panther. Including two teens disguised as one. The two were trying to get that two for one special using the Ol' extra long trench coat trick. Of...
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Man Convinced To Dress Like A Smurf For Night Out, Friends Pick Him Up Wearing Regular Clothes

When they picked their pal up, he was dressed head to toe like a Smurf, complete with blue body paint. Of course, they were in regular street clothes.
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Student Hires Stripper To Perform At Austin Middle School

When she arrived at the address specified, she was standing in the parking lot of Grisham Middle School, located in Northwest Austin.
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Man Sets Fire To House As Revenge For Fart Prank Pulled Ten Years Ago

Joel Cruz is still obviously very upset.
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