Houston, Texas, City Hall, Downtown, Cloudy

Legendary Rapper Scarface Announces His Campaign For Seat On Houston City Council

Legendary hip hop artist Scarface is switching his focus from the stage to the political arena.
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Update: Gov. Abbott Signs Bill To Officially Raise Smoking Age To 21

It is now official!
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Sad, Lonely, Dog, Chained, Outside

Proposed Bipartisan Bill Would Make Animal Cruelty A Federal Crime

Democrats and Republicans for the most part have a hard time seeing eye-to-eye on most things political today. However, there is one issue both sides undeniably are passionate about: loving animals.
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Dennis Hof, Bunny Ranch, Hallway, Statue

Brothel Owner Dennis Hof Wins Election In Nevada, Despite Being Dead For A Month

Voters in Nevada wouldn't let a little thing like their candidate being dead prevent their voices from being heard.
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Personal Politics Could Be A Deal Breaker In Millennial Relationships, Study Says

Study finds that 85 percent of millennials say voting is 'extremely important'
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'The Eagles' Guitarist Joe Walsh Says Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Is Too Political

This is interesting...
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de la hoya

Oscar De La Hoya Says He Is Considering Presidential Run

This week former boxing champ Oscar De La Hoya announced that he is actually considering a presibential campaign run in the future.
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Senator John McCain Has Died

RIP John McCain
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Steven Seagal, Face, Red Carpet

Russia Appoints Steven Seagal As Special Envoy For United States Relations

The fate of the world, once again, lies in the hands of Steven Seagal.
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Polish,Academic,Interview,TV,Politics,Cat,Funny,Video,Serious,Jerzy Targalski

[VIDEO] Academic Gives Straight Faced Interview As Cat Crawls All Over His Head

Jerzy Targalski didn't miss a beat, even when his cat interrupted.
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