IHOP Is Releasing A Pizza Shaped Pancake For National Pizza Day

In honor of National Pizza Day IHOP has made what they call the Pancizza, or simply a pizza pancake.
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This College Campus Now Has A Pizza ATM

The pizza ATM is real and holds up to 70 pizzas at a time. The future of pizza is now starting to be rolled out at college campuses here in the U.S.
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Canadian Air Traffic Controllers Send Pizza To US Peers Working For Free Due To Government Shutdown

Canadian air traffic controllers wanted to make sure their American counterparts working for free wouldn't go hungry because of the government shutdown.
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Dominos Introduces Its Biggest Pizza Ever

Dominos in Australia has debuted their biggest pizza ever and has a diameter of 40 inches.
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Delivery Driver Travels 450 Miles To Deliver Man In Hospice Care His Favorite Pizza

When Julie and Rich Morgan lived in Battle Creek, Michigan, they would stop by Steve's Pizza every single payday for dinner
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A Video Has Gone Viral Of A Little Caesars Employee Stocking Up On DiGiorno Pizzas

A Little Caesars employee was caught stockpiling boxes of Digiorno pizza inside the store
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Quick-Thinking Pizza Delivery Boy Saves Kidnapping Hostage From Abusive Ex

Joey Grundl noticed the woman standing behind the man who greeted him at the door had a black eye.
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Earn $1,000 A Day By Being A Pizza Taste Tester!

Your dream career is here.
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We See Your Pizza Rat & Raise You 2 Pizza Rats

New York's pizza rat has some new competition...another rat, who also loves pizza.
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Pilot Buys Pizza For Stranded Passengers After Flight Gets Delayed

A flight that was destined for DFW airport was diverted to the Wichita Falls, and you can bet no one was happy about that.
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