Sylvester Stallone Says He Wants A Kobe Bryant Statue In Philadelphia Next To Rocky

It has been over a week since the tragic passing of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, and the tributes continue to pour in for the late icon, his daughter and the seven others who passed away in the helicopter crash.
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Rocky Balboa Statue

Sylvester Stallone Surprised Students & Parents Visiting The Rocky Statue

A group of students were in for a treat when actor Sylvester Stallone came up to them while they were visiting the Rocky Balboa Statue in Philadelphia.
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[VIDEO] Man Stretches Before Robbing A Philadelphia Dunkin Donuts

I mean, it hurts when you pull your hamstring
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Airplane Pilot Arrested For Allegedly Being Drunk On The Plane

That's crazy!
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Elemntary School, Classroom, Empty, Desks

Philadelphia Schools Close Early Due To "Excessive Heat" In The Low To Mid '90s

For those of us who have grown up in the Lone Star State, we know what to expect with these insanely hot days.
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Hot Dog Launcher

Phillies Fan Injured After Getting Hit In The Face With A Hot Dog

A baseball fan left the game early with an injury on Monday night after she was hit by a flying hot dog.
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Plane, Crash, Engine, Failure, Flight

Listen To The Communication Between Air Traffic Control And Flight 1380 As Plane Braced For Emergency Landing

Southwest Flight 1380 from New York to Dallas was about as normal a flight as you can imagine for the first 20 minutes.
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Starbucks,Twitter,Apology,Arrest,Racial Profiling,Philadelphia,Video,Viral,Kevin Johnson,100.3 Jack FM

[VIDEO] Starbucks Apologizes After Alleged Racial Profiling

The coffee giant has issued an apology two days after a video of alleged racial profiling at a Philadelphia location.
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Silverback, Gorilla, Animal,

Gorilla Walks Like A Human So His Hands Don't Get Dirty (Video)

Louis is an 18-year-old gorilla living at the Philadelphia Zoo who hates getting dirty. In particular, he hates his snacks getting dirty.
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Elementary School Principal Offers Cash To Eighth Graders To Stop Fighting

Philadelphia's Mitchell Elementary School Principal Stephanie Andrewlevich was fed up.
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