Pet Sematary

Dirty Dog

“Dead” Dog Digs Out Of Grave, Returns To Owners

A family in Russia buried their 18-year-old dog after thinking he was dead, turns out he was still very much alive.
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Pet Semartary Premiere

Listen To This Cover Of The Ramones-Pet Sematary Before You See The Remake This Weekend

The latest adaptation of a Stephen King novel is now in theaters and with it comes a new rendition of the Ramones ‘Pet Sematary’.
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WATCH: The First Trailer For 'Pet Sematary' Hits The Internet

Stephen King's 1983 novel, 'Pet Semetary is coming back to the big screen, and the trailer just hit the internet. It looks terrifying. Video of Pet Sematary (2019)- Official Trailer- Paramount Pictures 'Pet Semetary' follows Louis Creed (Jason Clark), who after relocating with his wife Rachel (Amy...
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Scary house in mysterious horror forest at night

Watch the Totally Creepy Trailer for Stephen King's 'Pet Sematary'

Just in time for Halloween, watch the super creepy trailer for the upcoming 'Pet Sematary.'
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